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Good & Service Tax,Good & Service Tax Effect,Good & Service Tax Theatres,Good & Service Tax Tamilnadu

Good & Service Tax,Good & Service Tax Effect,Good & Service Tax Theatres,Good & Service Tax Tamilnadu

1000 cinema halls closed in Tamilnadu due to GST.

GST has been one of the most sought after news for the time being. With the central government deciding to have a fixed tax percentage on each of the different industries a lot of dynamics in the market seem to be changing.

One industry which has suffered a lot is the film industry. A surprising tax of around 28% on entertainment has been quite a shocker to the industrial businessman of the film fraternity.

While many local governments are yet to clear about the corporation tax on films, Tamil Nadu government has announced you have a whopping 30% Corporation tax on film which means each film suffer 58% on tax. Such a high taxation is sure to shoot up the ticket prices which will reduce the footfall for the already declining interest in regional cinema.

In protest of what seems to be such an unfair competition and a blatantly irrelevant decision, theaters across Tamil Nadu have been shut down in protest of the action.

When asked about such a bizarre decision to the veteran legendary actor Kamal Hassan, he said "“The entire industry is gathering together and we shall speak as one voice soon.”

R Kannan, a filmmaker said,“I have borrowed money and produced ‘Ivan Thanthiran’. How am I going to repay if theaters are closed? This is like killing a newborn. My film has just released and this move will kill my film. I really don’t know what I should do now.”

It's high time Tamilnadu take care of such a well-built industry.


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