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KCR and naidu Meeting,KCR and naidu Secret,KCR and naidu Issue,KCR and naidu Story

KCR and naidu Meeting,KCR and naidu Secret,KCR and naidu Issue,KCR and naidu Story

Did KTR and Chandrababu naidu have secret talk in delhi?

To attend the nomination event of NDA’s presidential candidate both the chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana went to delhi.the next day chandrababu naidu returned to amaravathi while KCR stayed there. From sources , both the chief ministers discussed about their personal issues and had an opportunity to hold secret talks . naidu helped in bringing Telangana rasthra samithti in NDA to have good chance of opportunity in next elections .meanwhile chandra babu naidu asked KCR to sort out cash -for -not issue so that there will be no problem for next elections.

Both KCR and naidu have a common issue to put up at the centre , to increase in number of assembly constituencies in the next couple of months which would help them for next elections .so they took up the issue to narendra modi and requested him to do the right thing in the next session of parliament. Meanwhile venkaiah naidu promised them to look after into the issue.


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