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Demonetisation Exchange,Demonetisation Exchange India,Demonetisation Exchange RBI,Demonetisation Exchange Rupees,Demonetisation Exchange 500 & 1000

Demonetisation Exchange,Demonetisation Exchange India,Demonetisation Exchange RBI,Demonetisation Exchange Rupees,Demonetisation Exchange 500 & 1000

Government gives one more chance to exchange demonetized notes in 15 days

For those who missed the December 30 deadline to exchange the demonetised due to some reasons, supreme court sought to open a new window for exchange of RS 500 and RS 1,000 notes.

When centre sought two weeks to respond to the suggestion , court was not ready to ensure an exchange opportunity. Even PM narendra modi said that there might be a genuine difficulty for few to exchange so opening a window after the year-end deadline will help those. The government , through general Ranjit Kumar , relied on the fact about misuse of exchange of old currency provisions. court’s argument is all about that those genuine cases should not be punished by turning hard earned money into trash saw the SG seeking time.

Petitions were filed were filed in the supreme court accusing the government for seeking relief to exchange demonetised currency.however over 10 petitions survived out of them . By reiterating the center’s consistent stand , a bench of chief justice said “It is our duty to caution you. If a person is alone and suffered grave illness during the November 9 to December 30 period, it becomes absolutely impossible for him to deposit his old currency notes. If he can prove that it is his hard earned money and not somebody else's, he would surely require the window you had promised. We ourselves (the bench) have rejected many petitions as we found their reasons not genuine. But those with genuine difficulty must have a chance to convince the authorities. If you do not agree to open a window, then we will say it is open for such persons who can prove genuineness of their money and difficulty to deposit within December 30 deadline to seek relief from the government. He should have an opportunity to explain and replace the old money. You cannot turn his genuine money into trash." Supreme court on 21st march told the government that “You must understand that these people are in dire straits. If they cannot establish the genuineness of the delay in depositing the scrapped currency, they would be liable for prosecution. The PM's speech as well as the notification that followed immediately after had promised to provide a window to people in such difficulty. But the ordinance did not provide any window except for NRIs and those Indians who were travelling abroad at that time. These people hoped that they will get another chance but the ordinance issued on the last day of deadline on December 31 suddenly closed that window. Everyone heard the PM and believed that the PM's words cannot be taken back."
After all this the government finally providing a new window for those who couldn’t exchange their demonetised currency before the December 30 deadline for some genuine reason.


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