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Ice Cream,Ice Cream Safty,Ice Cream Expaired Colour,Ice Cream Sweet Coated,Ice Cream White wash,Ice Cream Cement

Ice Cream,Ice Cream Safty,Ice Cream Expaired Colour,Ice Cream Sweet Coated,Ice Cream White wash,Ice Cream Cement

Ice creams adulterated with expired colors, Sweets coated with whitewash cement. Food safety becomes a major issue.

The city can be said to be facing a 'Food safety crisis' recently as in numerous reports of adulterated food have landed in police stations. The panic in public due to such open criminal activity creates panic to food lovers across the city.

With a recent accusation of plastic rice and eggs in a hostel, the spree of food insecurity kicked off. Now it has landed to ice creams and sweets. Hyderabad Task Force Police arrested 9 people after they raided several ice cream parlors and sweet shops in the city on Thursday.The raids took place in crowd flooded areas like Langer Houz and Golconda, Lalaguda and Marredpally.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Task Force, B Limba Reddy told the Times of India,"They were adulterating ice creams by mixing non-ISI certified milk powder, expired synthetic colors, electrolysis chemical powders, and vanaspati. Sweets, especially petha, was being adulterated by mixing whitewash cement, phitkari, sodium hydrosulphide, and artificial food colors. Tomato, chilli sauces and vinegar are being manufactured illegally without a license.”

The shops that were unauthorized artificial chemical food colors were reportedly functioning without obtaining a proper license and permission from authorities being part of a racket that was involved in injecting Oxytocin into buffaloes, for higher milk production.

Subsequently, police conducted raids across the city on multiple dairy farms and took the accused into custody.

"With the practice of injecting Oxytocin twice a day, the drug remains in the milk and results in serious issues like breast cancer, prostate cancer and impotency in men. This practice of adulteration will also result in severe medical issues in adolescents," said a police informer who was a part of the raiding team.



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