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Narendra Modi Israel,Narendra Modi Prime Minister,Narendra Modi India,Narendra Modi top PM

Narendra Modi Israel,Narendra Modi Prime Minister,Narendra Modi India,Narendra Modi top PM

Israel daily addressed modi as the world’s most important prime minister!

“wake up:the most important PM in the world is coming” is how one of the israel’s leading business daily addressed our prime minister narendra modi.

israel ties were discussed . when Donald trump visited the jewish state they expected a lot but he didn’t meet the expectations whereas narendra modi is enjoying popularity and attention .

Not only this business daily while others newspapers also paid too much attention towards modi’s three day visit , putting various articles related to him and india.

In a report arutz sheva said that”unlike most world leaders , however ,modi who governs the world’s largest democracy and second largest nation , apparently is refusing to visit Ramallah during his Israel trip, and will not schedule meetings with Palestinian authority (PA) chief Mahmoud abbas or other PA leaders”.during the PA leaders trip to india in may modi met abbas along with some senior indian officials. This time most of the india related events attracted far more attention.

During his opening remarks at weekly cabinet meeting israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu hailed his indian counterpart’s visit to Israel last Sunday as” very significant step”. He also stressed that” next week , the indian prime minister , my friend , narendra modi will arrive in Israel. This is a historic visit to Israel . in the 70 years of the country’s existence, no prime minister has ever visited and this is further expression of the state of israel’s military , economic and diplomatic strength”.the Israel premier said that the tie ups between Israel and india are “ constant upsewing”.

Modi’s visit is aimed at celebrate and commemorate the 25 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Modi’s trip srted on july 4th , he would also call upon president Reuven Rivlin and opposition leader Isaac Herzog. In the evening of july 5th. 4000 indian origin people would be attending modi’s addressing.already modi and Netanyahu met twice on foreign countries during UN related events. It is believed that Modi’s visit will strength the ties will Israel. Modi’s visit was preceeded by many other visits by high profile members. All these visits strengthened the ties between them which also laid to several MoU’S which are expected to be signed during modi’s visit to Israel.



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