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KTR Telangana,KTR IT minister,KTR pragathi bhavan

KTR Telangana,KTR IT minister,KTR pragathi bhavan

Now Telangana has a De Facto CM !

K T rama rao son of telangana’s chief minister K Chandra sekhar rao is now a de facto CM of Telangana state . These days K T rama rao , IT minister of Telangana is attending almost every meeting as KCR is restricting himself to official meetings at his camp office pragathi bhavan . 

KCR should have attended many meetings in the capacity of the chief minister ,instead of his KTR is attending those meetings though he has nothing to do with those meetings. Recently , KTR is attending most of the major review meetings which are conevened by KCR. As KCR is attending for sometime and leaving the place and thereafter KTR will continue the meeting.

KTR is entrusted with the task of running the state administration, as KCR is now on a tour. Recently KTR attended as chief guest to lay foundation stone for bramhin bhavan . These days KTR is attending and running programs like mission bhagiratha and Haritha haaram schemes, also holding regular meetings with Telangana officials to check proper execution of schemes.

By every act , it is evident that KTR is acting as De Facto CM of Telangana!


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