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Plastic Rice,Plastic Rice Hyderabad,Plastic Rice News,Plastic Rice Images

Plastic Rice,Plastic Rice Hyderabad,Plastic Rice News,Plastic Rice Images

Plastic rice issue causes sever panic in public. Experts explain how to detect this problem.

Many reports of plastic rice and plastic eggs landed in the police stations of Hyderabad and Kurnool district on Tuesday causing heavy panic amongst the public of both the states.

The first case came up from the residents of a private hostel in Yousufguda who complaint that the cook drive provided to them on Monday night taste it differently identifying it to be plastic rice. They also claim that the eggs given to them were also plastic and condemned such irresponsible behavior of the hostel which could cost a student's life. Raising to the issue the students lodged a complaint in the Yousufguda police station.The authorities collected the samples for investigation.

Another incident in Meerpet, in the city outskirts a citizen complaint that a local merchant sold him plastic rice. The rice was sticky and had a strange taste to it.

The issue raised to a raging level when a TV journalist in Saroornagar area was attacked by a hotel owner and his goons after he had complained about the plastic rice in his biryani.

Deputy commissioner of police V Satyanarayana told reporters on Tuesday that the strange taste and the plastic feeling in the rice came due to excessive usage of chemicals for polishing the rice beyond the permissible limit.

Further, few other cases of sale of plastic rice in Srisailam also created a huge fuss on Monday. The police, however, said that they were investigating the case.

Experts explain an easy way to detect plastic rice. When rice is poured into a container of water if the Rice hits the bottom of the container it is edible. If it fails to reach the bottom then it is plastic rice.

Doctors explain that plastic rice consumption can lead to hormonal imbalance birth defects digestion problems or in severe cases even cancer.


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