Uses of old smartphone,Clever uses of smartphone,Smart uses of smart phone

Uses of old smartphone,Clever uses of smartphone,Smart uses of smart phone

Smarter Way to Use Old Smart phones

1)  Use it as a media player or External memory drive

A old smartphone which has both Internal and External memory can be used as store files and music thus it can be used as mp3 player,It may save you from having to buy new ipod.you can also make use it as photo album or watch movie when your on the go without worrying about battery backup

2) Transform it into portable GPS maps

It is Very common for everyone to confuse at new places in such cases your old smartphone comes handy to make your destination

3)Turn it into a universal remote controller

Some old smartphones comes with infrared,by downloading the app called IR 2.0 IR universal remote,you can use it as DVD Remote

4) Make call Without sim card

By making use of wi-fi you can make voice calls video calls through Apps called Whatsapp,Viber,messenger etc

5) Utilize it as Video game Console

By installing games like candy crush,angry birds make your kids to entertain with old smartphone

6)Use it as alarm

you can make your old phone as clock for some time in the nights to wake up by alarm

and knowing time



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